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Decentralization of Road Maintenance in Liberia
Decentralization of Road Maintenance in Liberia
Due to a lack of rehabilitation and maintenance, Liberia's road infrastructure is in a poor state of serviceability. Major parts of the country are largely impassable, especially during the rainy season, and more than half of the population is inadequately connected to the road network. The project ‘Capacity Development in the Transport Sector in Liberia’ (implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ) supports the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Liberia in establishing a road and bridge maintenance system with the setup of a Road Fund for financing and the elaboration of data-based Road Maintenance plans.
According to the Road Fund Act, MPW must develop data-based Road Maintenance plans, which are approved by an inter-ministerial steering committee (IMSC) and financed by means of the National Road Fund. The data system used for routine maintenance is ROMAPs, HDM4 is used for periodic maintenance planning of the primary network. Annual road maintenance plans have to be developed by MPW and submitted to the National Road Fund (NRF) every year by early March. The NRF must present the plans to the IMSC to be approved and finalized latest by end of June to start tender procedures immediately. Start of works after awarding is October/November to use dry season between October/November and April/May to implement mechanised maintenance works. Labour based works can continue throughout the year.
Procedures between MPW, IMSC, NRF and contractors to collect data, to design, tender, award and supervise maintenance works on roads do exist, but are not consistently applied. The Road Fund requires responsible agencies (counties and MPW) to ensure good stewardship of resources provided by the Road Fund through effective tendering and contract management. This requires the preparation of credible work plans and budgets, tender documents and then the subsequent tender, award and supervision of the works. Standard bidding documents (SBD) for Liberia have been introduced with the support of GIZ. SBD's have been successfully tested in 2019 with small road and bridge maintenance works contracts. Capacity in the MPW and regions is currently inadequate to face these tasks, so capacity must be built so that in time they can operate effectively.
Within the program it is foreseen to support the Ministry of Public Works to decentralize Road Maintenance activities into southeastern counties. The service is requested for offers for technical assistance to support those activities in southeastern counties including review of regional capacities to manage maintenance works, preparation of a management plan for maintenance supervision, review and monitoring of supervision plans, monitoring of works and their management through regular site visits, management of contractor billing, capacity building, establishing of reporting systems, site diaries and document management systems, on the job learning and information sharing, collection of road network data for planning maintenance, preparation of annual procurement plans, etc.
A personnel concept must include 2 long-term expert positions for a team leader and a field engineer, a 2-month assignment for a short-term expert is requested to identify Road Maintenance projects in the beginning of the assignment. The service requested is expected to be started in January 2020 and will continue for 21 months. One office in the focus region must be established by the contractor. Two vehicles will be provided by GIZ. The estimated — non-binding — contract value is 1 000 000 EUR.
65 - Wiesbaden, Limburg an der Lahn, Rüsselsheim, Frankfurt am Main-West
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